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July 1, 2013

BET Red Carpet

The BET Awards had a pretty good showing. 
I'm always surprised at the wide range of dresses.
One person will be dressed to the nines, the next like they're going to a club.


Not Quite There:
{... There is a lot wrong here, I can't name just one thing}
{Highlighter yellow... There is such a thing as too much of a good thing.}
{The bottom is just sad...}

Glam Fabulous:
{Such a great dress for the occasion. Simple and pretty.}
{Gabby wins. This dress is beautiful!}
{So classy. The nigh neckline really looks great too!}

Casual and Awesome:
{I want that dress!}
{I love that dress. I just wish she had different shoes.}
{Doesn't the title of the category explain it?!}

1 comment:

Rekita Nicole said...

yes, i liked Gabby's dress, i thought she looked so cute and elegant.