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June 24, 2013

The Cable Cord Cutting Trend

Ever since cutting the cord back in December, every time an article about cable companies or the 'cord cutting trend' comes up, I'm drawn to read it. Cutting our cable cord has been the single best thing that has happened for my personal habits and my relationship. When we owned cable I was constantly watching TV. I would DVR shows that I had absolutely no reason to be watching. Trash TV consumed my free time. Bad shows clogged up my DVR. Jake recorded movies that we already owned.
It was bad.

When we cancelled our cable and got our Roku, things changed.
We stopped using TV as a time waster and started enjoying our life at home together.
We would sort through the Netflix account and find movies that both of us enjoyed watching.
No more Erin monopolizing the TV with lame shows and Jake retreating to the basement to play video games.

We also have been saving about $80 on average, per month.
That's cutting cable and upgrading out internet subscription.

It's truly been a life changer.
I am confident in telling you that we will never own cable again.
There is no need.
We getting our movies from Netflix, our must see shows from Hulu and our HD antenna.

The other perk for 'cord cutting' is not having to sit through all of the commercials. I never knew how terrible commercials were until I wasn't watching them every 10 minutes, for 5 minutes at a time. The subliminal messaging and social pressure that comes from each and every commercial is so blatant it's almost comical.

Cable has come to be seen as the necessity of this generation and anyone without it use to be portrayed as 'less than.'
I'm overjoyed that 'cord cutting' is catching on and that opinion is changing!
 Personally, I feel that I am better able to cut the unnecessary from my life, and I don't think that change would have happened without cutting cable.


Katie {Always, Katie} said...

We've been thinking about getting rid of cable for a long time, and have pretty well decided that when we move (soon) we won't get it installed. You make it sound easy, and that savings figure is pretty attractive (and "cord-cutting" is clever)! A year of no cable, and I just might be able to get that DSLR I've been lusting after ;-)

(I'm popping over from Caravan Sonnet, btw, and I'm following on Bloglovin'.)

Nikki said...

Agree, Agree, Agree.

Kacie said...

It's funny because we JUST got cable and DVR and I'm way too excited about it. Although it helps that right now nothing good is on, I'm sure come fall I'm going to get lazy because of it. I only feel a little badly about that haha.