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June 17, 2013

Les Miserables Update: The Beginning

I love the summer musicals.
I get to be out and about with people I enjoy spending time with.
I get to sing, really sing, every night.... Well, on the nights that they don't get to my part, I just sing with everyone else. I'm probably really annoying, but I enjoy it.

Here are some pictures from the beginning of rehearsals!
{The first night of 'leads' rehearsal. Me and the guy playing Thenardier. He cracks me up!}
{Singing 'On My Own' for the first time in rehearsal. It didn't go quite how I imagined, but it was exciting!} 
{Blocking 'Little Fall of Rain'. Nothing like a little awkward dying love scene with a guy 6 years younger ...}
{I 'die' like a pro...}
{Vocal rehearsal for the students and Eponine... I guess I sing about this guy named Marius...}
{My 'death scene' being acted out in vocal rehearsal. We really are pros.} 
{Blocking the robbery scene. Val Jean had better watch out. The Thenardiers are a family f cons.}
{'Heart Full of Love' and me looking sad.}
{Me screaming to warn Maruis..... Or am I just acting?.............}

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