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June 18, 2013

Invisalign Update: Tray 28

When I first started my teeth straightening process with Invisalign I thought that it would be an exciting and revealing process.
It was in the beginning.
Now it's just a plugging along type of thing.

I'm very excited to tell you that I am 2 orthodontic appointments away from being tray free!

I'm currently wearing tray number 28.
My next appointment is on Aug 8th.
Then I'm just finishing my trays out and I'll be done.

I'm really excited.

Excited enough to do an update picture.
Here is the before.

Check out the difference in less than a year!
{Attractive, I know. But the bottom crowding is visibly better!} 
{So close to being done!! Happy girl!}

So yeah. I'm pretty pleased. It's come really far and I know that there is to go.
I just hope the last appointment is just to fit trays, not to shave my teeth again.
Let me tell you, I HATE having to get my teeth filed.
I almost don't care that it's just a little on the sides to make room for the teeth to move.
I can calmly get through all kinds of dental work, but that.
It's the one thing that puts my teeth on edge, no pun intended.

Another thing that has come from having to be obsessive about my teeth, I'm now acutely aware of other people's teeth.
I'm constantly looking and trying to see if someone I'm talking to has Invisalign.
This habit also makes me look at everyone's teeth. Even the people whose mouths you really, really shouldn't stare at...
Sometimes it induces nightmares.

More nightmares than the first picture in this post.
My apologies.

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