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June 11, 2013

2013 Tony Awards Red Carpet

Dear People.com, Why is the Tony's red carpet not included in your 'Red Carpet' list?


If you watched, you got to see one of my favorite award shows EVER.

The Classics
{Bernedette is amazing.}
{This dress is VERY similar to a bridesmaid dress that I have...}
{I am loving the white/silver sequins. And that metal belt!}

The Daring
{Interesting sheer shape choice... The 'V' in  the front isn't my favorite, but the pastels are pretty.}
{What up! White AND a bow tie?!}
{Why is she so gorgeous?! the cut and color is right... But the wave in the front is a little awkward.}
{Lace pant-suit. I actually don't mind it. It's by no means my favorite... But it's OK}
{Mad props. The woman is in her 80's. The color is beautiful... But those ruffles!.... Yikes}

The Fabulous
{Lovely, lovely. My favorite of the night! Classic silhouette with a bold print. It was really romantic and beautiful!} 
{The drama of this dress can't be contained. I adore the peek of  color from the dress's lining. Really well done!}
Did you not love Cicely Tyson 's acceptance speech?! She was so beautifully spoken!
The TV flops number was really funny! I LOVE Megan Hilty.
Courtney B Vance's acceptance seppch made me and Tom Hanks tear up.
The highlight of my night had to be when one of my old friends from high school was shown, twice, in a montage of the Broadway season, in review. 

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Darby Hawley said...

Bernedette is so fabulous!!!! Love her!