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May 21, 2013

White Pants

Kudos to those of you who aren't afraid to wear white pants.
I bought a pair.
The first time I wore them, I spilled raspberry vinaigrette on it.
Last time I ever eat a salad.
I kid.

So after loving that I could straight up bleach those babies, I stuffed them back in my pile of jeans.

I decided to get them out.
Yay, spring! 
I also covered them with napkins every time I ate.
Refused to sit on the ground.
Carried around Clorox wipes for every chair I sat in.

OK, I didn't do that. 
But I wanted to!

I also feel that white jeans are a little fancy.
So they were part of my church outfit.

It was rainy and wet outside, so you get to see me in my living room with bad lighting.
{Jeans, Zulily. Chambray Shirt, Khol's, Tank, Khol's. Belt, Target. Heels, Payless.}

 Want to see some outtakes?
Jake isn't too keen on taking my picture because my outfit is cute.
He think's I'm silly, but loves me enough to do it anyway.

{Blury... And my arms look fake.}
I was going to use this one... But then I actually looked at the rest of the picture.
{Photo bombers}
Asher was scaring me with his dirty paws from just being outside to potty.
I had to detain him because I was so afraid of him.

The devil cat behind me just gloated about his superiority.
Further proof from about 3 minutes after the photo bomb picture was taken.
{'First the picture, next the world! My plots to drive these sub-humans away is working! Muahaha!'}
Do you get paranoid when you wear white pants?


Darby Hawley said...

Woah look at you, you fashion blogger!!! Love the white jeans and your photo bombers lol

itbritt said...

Yes. I am extremely paranoid about the whole white pants thing.

Don't sit down, don't lean, just stand. I just stand all day. Otherwise you end up with a yellow bottomed pair of white pants - and that just blows.

Nikki said...

I can't ever find a pair that isn't see through or has weird pockets. I look every year but just never find anything I love.