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May 23, 2013

Theirs/Mine: Dog Bed

This idea came from my "Italian Greyhound" pinterest board.
Which is really just a pet board.
With lots of Italian Greyhound pictures.


Asher needed a dog bed.
Can you believe he has gone his entire life without one?
No wonder he thought he needed to be on a lap at all times.

This is my sewing space.
Yes, that is the instruction book for the sewing machine.
My brother's wife (BW) has had it for over 4 months for her business so, naturally, I forgot everything I knew about the machine.
{for this project I sat on a step stool.}

The process:
I bought this blanket for $12...
I thought it was a better price than buying the fabric.

I lied.
 I didn't even really look at my local fabric store cause the blanket was so perfect.

{My pants (which are the same fabric as the blanket) covered in fuzz from cutting the "pattern" out}

{Asher wanted his bed NOW... So he settled for the scraps.}
{The finished cuttings. 2 circles and 2 long strips for the side.}
Then I took a 2 week break.
There was a bobbin crisis and laziness involved.
Also, I didn't have a chair to sit on while using the sewing machine.
And I'm lazy.

So after I finally decided to have BW over for a re-teaching I got down to business.
In all reality, she came over because I was holding some clothes hostage and she needed them.
While she was there I made her confirm every step of loading my machine and making a bobbin.
Then, I asked her opinion of adding a blanket to the top of the bed, since Asher likes to be under a blanket.

I put the fabric together with the sides facing so I was sewing inside out.

{I wasn't sewing in the dark, promise, my machine just has a blue light on it.}

Sewing in a circle was not easy... Actually, it was really hard and some of the bed looks funny from me having to readjust it all the time.
And because my circles weren't perfect, or circles, if I'm being completely honest.

Attaching the bottom to the siding took about an hour.
I was interrupted pretty often by some dog who HAD to eat while I was in the middle of sewing.
Then, he HAD to potty.

After I had the bottom attached to the siding I randomly cut the 'blanket' about 3 inches bigger than the 'top'. To make it how I was envisioning I cut a straight edge then had to do a surging stitch on the folded over edge so that the fabric wouldn't fray.
That took about a half hour.
Straight lines are so much easier!!!
Once it was time to attach the 'blanket' to the 'top' I was stumped.
I had too much circumfrance in the 'blanket' and not enough edge on the 'top' to have the blanket to fit perfectly.
I think I should have cut the blanket into an oval of some sort, rather than a larger circle.
To fix it, I put dart type things on the edges.
It's a bot of a mess.
I'm going to fix it.
Let's just say that the mouth of the blanket looks a little boxy.

Sewing the 'top/blanket' to the siding was easy, but still took about an hour.
By then I was getting better at sewing in a circle.
I didn't plan anything very well, because I ended up with the stuffing opening in the front.
Who cares.
Yay for invisible hand stitching!

{Stuffing time}
I added 2 dryer sheets while I was stuffing for anti-static and smell benefits.

{I had two old pillows that I had been saving just for this.}

{This is a look of pure love and contentment.}
{He didn't move for over an hour, except to grab a bone. I would move the bed with him in it and he wouldn't budge.}

 I'm pretty proud of myself. It took everything I had to not tell everyone on every social media platform what I'd done.

Jake sent me a text the next morning:

"First place he went this morning on his own."

He loves it!!!
Proof that I'm the best pup mom in the whole wide world!!!!!!!!

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Darby Hawley said...

Well clearly Asher loves it!!! It looks awesome Erin!!!! Great job :-)