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May 6, 2013

Shows I Love

Let me tell you how awesome not having cable is.
I'm serious.

It's been a few months now since Jake and I cancelled cable. 
Our bill before we cut cable was about $120. Without it our bills are right around $50, even after we upgraded our internet.
The savings have solidified that we wont be using any cable service again.

I thought that living without cable would be hard. I'm not quite sure why, my family had cable on and off growing up. We only had it consistently since high school.
My entire childhood was more focused on the Disney movies we owned or rented than TV shows.
Heck, I'd still take The Rescuers Down Under over a reality TV show any day!

I have cut out so much trash and binge TV watching it's not even funny.
Now I'm only watching what I consider 'good' shows.
Granted, some of them I'm getting tired of but feel guilty not watching.

My watch list includes three categories.

My Obsessions:
Downton Abbey
Amazing. I'm dying to have next season start already. I'm actually going through withdraw. I'm even having debates abut characters with my family, all of whom I have gotten as obsessed as myself.

New Girl
I'm a fan. Jake's a fan. It must be love. 

The Guilt Trips:
I started watching it at the beginning. I loved the first season so much I watched the second. Now I'm watching and praying that anything good will come out of it. So far, nothing beats season 1.

It's the grown up Glee... And it sounds like it's going to be cancelled. Honestly, it isn't a bad thing. Season 2 has been a fast forward kind of season. The guy who played the boyfriend/fiance was my favorite part, and he left before season 2 started. It's gone downhill since then. 

The Husband Show:

Game of Thrones
Honestly, it's only alright. I watched the first episode with Jake and I was so disturbed by the incest that I couldn't watch another episode for about 3 weeks, when Jake got caught up to season 3. Since Jake really likes the show, I figure I had better keep up and at least know what he's talking about.

What shows are you obsessed with?


Rachel said...

For me, the only one I'm really obsessed with is The Office. And it's nearly over for good, and I feel somewhat emotional about that loss. Oh well. I've never had cable or satellite, so I've never really looked at going without as a "savings", but I sure wouldn't want to add on another bill to all the ones we already have!

Nikki said...

We love not having cable too. We watch way less TV, and I still get to watch all my faves. The only one I miss is Top Chef. :(

Misty said...

We cancelled cable last weekend. I'm not sure how I'm going to manage, but I'm sure it'll be fine.

Love New Girl!

Darby Hawley said...

I absolutely love Smash!