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May 8, 2013

Met Gala 2013

I guess the theme was punk rock.
I think it's a great theme! I loooove dressing up for a themed party.
It's been a while, maybe a themed party is something that needs to happen soon.
I digress.

The Met Gala red carpet was so much fun!
Some stars went over the top, which you can't help but love to hate.
Others thought black eyeliner or a popador makes the punk look.
Others were perfectly understated punk statements.

The rundown.
It's gonna be a long one, just warning you.

Missed the memo:
{you're pretty and funny, Zooey, but you completely missed the point.}
{What in the world?!}

Straight up cray-cray:
{I think you tried, but this just really doesn't  work for me...}
{Mohawk headpiece OK, maybe it fits. But no, thank you.}
{Honestly, the dress doesn't bother me... It's the makeup choice.}
{She looks like Morticia Adams in floral.  And what is up with the matching gloves?!}

Understated and perfect:
{I adore the spikes on the top of the gown. So well done! Love, love, love this!!!}
{This may not necessarily read as 'punk rock', but I really love the cape.}
{The break from the traditional innocence of a white gown with the burgundy lip. Really nice}
{I hate admitting TS does something right... But that dress is divine.}
{This is a bit different feel than the dress above. The smokey eye lends the rebel look.}

{Faux-hawk, black lace, bold lip. Nice!}
{Perfection and a bold print to stand out. Love this.}
{the bodysuit with the beautiful tulle silhouette of a traditional gown really makes this look. I love it!}
{The daring sheer paired with the conservative neckline and long sleeves really nails it.}
{Yes! Someone had the guts to do plaid! There is more to punk than black. LOVE that she was daring enough!}

I think it's a tie between J-Lo and fashion model Cara Delevingne (spike top).
Who do think was the best dressed of the night?


Alex[andra] said...

I so don't get fashion.

The Olsen twins have always been a bit.. odd.

Misty said...

JLo always kills the competition. Love her dress so much. It's a toss-up between her and Nina for me.

Harley said...

i loved TS dress. so nice to see her is something other than pale pink and tan.