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May 22, 2013

Little Letters

Dear Hair: You hate me. I get it. Can we make up already?
Dear Sewing Machine: This is going to be an interesting relationship...
Dear Wardrobe: Amuse me just a little longer. And maybe procure a pair of sperry's.
Dear Husband: You are amazing. Thanks for putting up with my craziness.
Dear Skin: I'm sorry you were allergic to those makeup wipes I got... They're in the trash. Now, can you stop hating me?
Dear Nerves: I don't need you screaming at me this weekend. If you could tone it down a bit, I would really appreciate it.
Dear Readers: You are amazing and so awesome. And funny. Have I mentioned that you are really funny? I love getting comments from you that really make me laugh. When I reply 'laughing', I really am. You brighten my day!


Alex[andra] said...

Your hair and my hair can be friends because I'm certainly not friends with it! Arg. If it could behave, that would be great!

Nikki said...

My hair has been my new BFF since I started getting it relaxed. Love it!