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May 15, 2013

Little Letters

Dear Husband: You have been super sweet. Doing dishes, walking the pup, cleaning the basement. You try to make things easier for me without needing to ask. I love it, and you.
Dear Bloglovin': amazing. You've made my blog reading experience SO easy and enjoyable. kudos.
Dear SIL and Math: I'm beyond excited that your family is growing. I can't wait to have another niece/nephew!!!! You are amazing parents and such strong individuals. Love you both!!!
Dear Work: Even after being off yesterday, I still don't like you. I need a vacation.
Dear Ticks: I really don't appreciate you being out in full force. Even with prevention Asher freaks out when you jump him. And now I'm beyond paranoid, freaking out about every little tickle. Go away, please.
Dear Hair and skin: I would really appreciate it if you would get in line. All this craziness really isn't working for me.
Dear Mom: I wasn't on facebook to change my profile picture to one of me and you. I didn't realize until Monday, and felt bad. To make up for it, Here are some pictures I love. Love you  Momma-Mia. I hope you liked your wine *wink wink.

{Mom and me with Big Sis at her wedding.}
{My wedding day}
{One of my favorite pictures}
{Me and mom last mother's day.}

1 comment:

Darby Hawley said...

Don't you just love Blog Lovin?!

These pictures of you with your mamma are beautiful!