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May 20, 2013

I like Fashion Blogs

I admit it. 
I follow about 30 of them.
Their pictures always look amazing. 
Their clothes are amazing.
Their hair is always amazing.

I'm no fashion blogger.
I'm a 'blog about my outfit the once a month I get it right' kind of girl.

I'm a lifestyle blogger.

Except I don't really feel like that category either.
I'm terrible at DIY's.
My life is pretty boring with me working a 7:30-4:30, then being a lazy bum who sits on the couch all night and watches TV.
I'm not a great cook, and I'm not really into the idea of trying to cook for real yet.

I'm actually amazed that you are even here.

I'm more amazed that you like my randomness and complete lack of awareness about punctuation rules.
Maybe I'm reading too far into this.
OK, so I know that you hate my lack of high school english class retention.

You know what kind of blogger I want to be?
A dog blogger.
I want to change my blog into Asher's blog.
If I could post about him every day I would.
And I'd post about how my cat is a complete jerk. 

It's not interesting, or original. 

Maybe all pictures on my blog will now have some inclusion of Asher. 
He does enjoy a good photo bomb.

And my Instagram isn't far from that state of being...

This post has really gotten out of control.
Seriousally, I was suppose to be writing about how I am really getting into fashion. 
Now I'm just obsessing about my dog.

And that's how I'm ending this.



Rachel said...

haha, well, it's true that a 'dog blogger' would be something a little more rare than a 'fashion blogger' would be! I'm no fashion blogger either, but I like mixing fashion posts into the randomness of the rest of my blog. You don't have to be a pro to get dressed!

Darby Hawley said...

hahaha I love this post that is your thought process. Maybe a dog fashion blog? lol I like your fashion, your occasional DIY, everything Asher, and 100% genuine!