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May 29, 2013

Cannes Film Festival Red Carpet

I know that I'm a little late in getting this all out here, but Cannes was a week long.

Day Looks

(not the best choice in pairing . It should have been a pencil skirt.)
(this dress is neither here nor there... But makes me think of cargo pants or utili-kilts.)
(Not the most flattering. I think the square neckline is a little weird for her petite frame.)
(Talk about weird necklines! I appreciate the effort... But not the outcome!)

Thank you.
(I actually like this. Even the sleeves. At least she tried . Some people didn't even try!)

(This is sublime! Perfect for the event. )

(My fav day look of the week! Dressy but edgy, and casual enough for a day look.)

Night Looks
Now we are getting to the good stuff!

Beautiful, But Booooring!

{I adore this color.}

{What is this?! I want to pet her....}
{I appreciate the try... But the fabric is way too close to curtains...}
{She always makes the most interesting choices....}
{It would help if the dress fit correctly...}
{I don't even know what to say.}
{What is going on here?!}

{I can't help it. I still love metallic}
{The color, beading and cut is divine!}
{Beautiful! So beautiful!}
{I love the romance of the dress paired with the manliness of the jacket!}

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Mellissa "Shia" Rondinelli said...

Great post. I agree with you about Jennifer Lawrence ... horrible pairing!