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April 10, 2013

What I'm Wearing

I've seen other bloggers this. 
I hate to steal an idea... 
But I'm stealing it.

Here are a few 'good' outfits from the last 2 weeks.

I wake up at 5:30am, the few 'good'  days are when I'm not half asleep or running late.
I'm not 100% fashion awesome.
I know, I know. It's a shock, right?

You know what. I should do a daily post and do whatever outfit I wear.
I'd title it, 'Anti-fashion; Oh! wait, this one's OK!'

I'll link similar items to each outfit, due to my habitual bargain/sales rack shopping.
{chambray shirt / grey tank / boots / scarf / olive jeans}

{shoes / tights / grey tank / sweater / jean jacket / skirt / earrings}

{wine jeans / tank / sweater / earrings / belt / shoes}

And this was my Easter dress!
{dress / shoes / sweater / necklace}
That was like a clothing scavenger hunt!
Some of the item links are the exact same, others are really close.

Take that all you awesome bloggers with awesome cameras and editing software.
OK, so I'm maybe looking into getting a new camera.
And mastering whatever editing program I can.
My puny Thunderbolt's camera just isn't cutting it.
Neither is my super narrow mirror.

I promise improvements are on the way...
Love you muy mucho, lovely readers!!!


Mrs. G said...

Ok, can you just shop/dress me from now on? Kthanksbye!

Darby Hawley said...

I love those wine jeans!!!!! And you are fashion awesome!

Jennifer Sanzo said...

Cute! I love scarves too! They just add interest to any outfit! Thanks for stopping by my blog! xoxo

Rachel said...

Happy first outfit post to you! I love your green skirt and your red pants! Colors like that are so fun to wear! For me, forcing someone (typically my husband or siblings) to take pictures of my outfits helps a lot!