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April 25, 2013

My Witty Husband

This morning at 7:34am, my husband sent me an email with a picture in it.

The email said, 'Sorry Love, I cheated on you lol'

Here is the picture.

I was at work, and could not stop laughing.

And yes, evidently he was fishing at 7:30am.
He's on a fishing kick and is convinced that he needs a new fishing rod...
Looks like I gotta support his new habit.

What a dork.
I love him!


winkslikemoney said...

That's funny! Fishing is a great hobby and there's nothing like a fresh caught trout! Looks like you (or Jake) needs to figure out how to gut and prepare fish!

winkslikemoney said...

btw, winkslikemoney is me Kelly Costella. I don't know how to change the name on my account!

Darby Hawley said...

hahahaha funny!