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April 16, 2013

MTV Movie Awards

This is an anything goes type of red carpet... 
It's not my favorite.
Really it all boils down to the fact that people have so few excuses to dress like royalty.

I'm sorry.
Keshaaaaaaa! Pl-ease get a better stylist!

She looks like two face from batman... 
Or like she is trying to one up Melanie Martinez from The Voice (who was WAY adorable).
I just don't get it.

Thank goodness the 'business' has people who are eternally classy. 

I adore this pant suit! It's so fresh!

It may be a little too much skin for me, personally, but she looks pulled together and like she is at an award show. 

Such an adorable dress. Flirty and fancy at the same time. 

I know the foot/arm attached to her head is crazy, but the dress is really great.

Love him! 

Hands down for me. 
What a great casual/fancy look. 
I love that skirt!

I did say anything goes...

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