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April 18, 2013

Married to ADHD

Ever since Jake got home from Afghanistan he has been having some trouble with school.
Due to the fact that Hubs is pretty dang smart, His not doing well in school equals B's.
It's also very upsetting to him and frustrating for me (for him, of course).

His focus and attention span has been an issue.

There was a little of this showing up before the deployment... But since Jake got home it has really been a struggle. 
He will have to read paragraphs 3-4 times before really being able to comprehend what he read.
That's a kinda big problem.

He has also been avoiding tasks that take great concentration.
My man who loves taking apart things and putting them back together hasn't torn any electronic open since he got home in September.
It's unheard of.

It has been a heck of a time trying to get Jake into the VA for an evaluation. He started on the process back in December.
His first appointment was more than 5 weeks after that.
Then the guy he saw told him that it wasn't ADD and it would go away in a month or two. 
Then prescribed 2 books for him to read.
I'm not even kidding.
The moron Doctor told my husband, who is having a hard time reading his homework for school, 2 books to read.

I fumed about this for weeks. 
I also banned Jake from dealing with the VA again and made him an appointment with our DO.
Our DO got him a referral with in 2 days and we were getting things rolling.

Jake had to go through some testing. He did great in most of the tests, scoring above 90%... Except when it came to reading and comprehension.
Hello, scores in the 50's.

He was diagnosed with ADHD Inattentive. 
Short attention span
Poor internal supervision

I guess that's what we're dealing with...

 When Jake first got home he was scheduling things on top of things, on top of things... One day he had told 3 different people that we were free when we had a family event.

After that I forced Jake to sync phone calendars with me.

Now we are done with all the testing and have a prescription for some medication that should help my man out. If it ends up not working out, or his mood/personality is effected, we will be switching until we find the right one for him.

Vyvance is the name of the medication we are starting with. 
So far, it's working out really nicely. 
Jake told me that his appetite is normal, his focus is far better, and he is more attentive in class. 
Hopefully his blood pressure and everything else will be fine on the meds. It's one of the concerns our DO had.
Jake goes back in a month for a vitals check.

I'd love to hear from others who are in a similar situation, whether it be your or a family member dealing with ADHD. 

It runs in my family, so I'm familiar and comfortable with the topic. With this development I'm going to be very aware and purposeful with our future children.
No person should feel as if something, like ADHD, will hold them back from living a normal life.

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