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April 17, 2013

Invisalign Progress

I know this isn't as exciting of a process as I may think.
And some people may be genuinely grossed out.

I figure going through braces in your mid 20's is very different than in high school...Having Invisalign, rather than the traditional brackets and wires, might be something you have thought about.

It's been pretty crazy. 
I'm not really one to pay attention to my teeth. I knew the top was fairly straight and hid the overcrowding of my bottom teeth really well.
Before my treatment started my MIL (momma-in-love) wasn't shy about her concern for my mouth. She works for an oral surgeon in town and knows about some of the TMJ issues that I've had. She was always concerned that I would have to have jaw surgery if I didn't fix my bite.
My crowding and the concern shown by my MIL, along with my absolute fear of surgery in general, made me make it a priority.

So I'm now on tray 22 of 37.
This is what 22 sets of trays looks like.

After I'm done with them, I toss them in my mini ultrasonic for one last cleaning, then put them in a zippy bag in the freezer.  I don't know why I chose the freezer as the storage place for them. I guess having them in an adorable aztec printed 31 thermal bag makes it feel a little less gross.
OK, so it's still gross, what can I say?

Here is are top and bottom pictures of my progress so far.

{22 on left, 1 on right}
{22 on left, 1 on right}

I know that it's hard to really see what is going on here.
I just suggest looking at the shape the trays are formed in. Mainly the difference is in the shape of the arch.

I'd be lying if I said I hadn't noticed anything... The insane gapping that is going on on my top teeth is upsetting to my vanity. It's just a good thing that my trays hide the new gaps and will be pulling everything together in the end.

I'm almost done with my treatment. That's something to be excited about. 
22 out of 37 is pretty exciting!

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Rachel said...

That really is exciting that you've gone that far with them! I've always been so grateful that my parents got me braces at a really young age--I was 9. So much nice than having to deal with them in my teens or twenties like many of my friends have had to do!