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April 4, 2013

Getting Through the Next 2 Years

Jake is 3 semesters away from being set to take the MCAT.
It's a little longer than we expected due to the school changing from quarters to semesters, changing the classes Jake was on track for.

Nothing is better than having an academic adviser tell you that set A of general biology classes would work when you really needed to take set B...

Jake is re-taking a general biology that is exactly the same as the one he already completed, just with a different application field.

We're a year away from taking the MCAT.
Listen to me, talking like I'm going to be taking that test myself.

I've been reading a few med school/med school spouse blogs and it looks like the application process takes about a year.
There are two really great schools near us that Jake would love to get into.
One is a MD program. The other is  DO program.
We are hoping to stay close to family.

Jake hasn't decided which program he prefers.
He is leaning toward the DO program, but the MD school is top notch.
There are other schools int he state, so we will just have to see.
1-2 years is a long time to weigh all the options.

Has anyone been through this process or anything similar?

I'm excited only because the 'applying year' is going to be one where Jake will be able to catch up on some much needed R&R in between applications and interviews.
It'll be stressful, I'm sure... But exciting.

Then... Med School.

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Darby Hawley said...

Sounds like big decisions are coming your way!! Best of luck, I know it's hard but y'all are strong!