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April 2, 2013

Dear 16 Year Old Erin,

     God is good. No matter what trials or disappointments come to pass, remember that. Get excited and dig into your spiritual life. Nothing will serve you better than having an actual knowledge of God and His plan. 
     High school is interesting, isn't it? I know that it's not panning out to be the absolute best experience... But things will get better. Be realistic about the electives you choose and the way you invest your time... Taking a little more time to study wouldn't hurt. High school may seem like a waste of time, and in some instances it is... But paying a little more attention could save you some time re-taking classes in college. Just saying...

      I know that you are lonely. Friends who seem worth the effort are few and far in between. Be secure in knowing that God blessed you with your best friend and very few will come close to that place in your heart. Accepting that and moving on from it will save you a lot of trouble and heart ache. Enjoy the friends that you have, but don't feel the need to look outside of family members, and future family members to fill a void that, in truth, isn't even there. Don't make other's lack of close family relationship make you feel as if you need others to complete you. It's OK to have family be your best friends.

     To counter that, don't throw away relationship with friends just because they don't understand or love you the way that family does. It's not their fault you expectations are a little high.

     Be accepting and understanding to every situation and give others a little break. You can be harsh sometimes. You are just as hard to forgive as you are forgiving. No matter how much you'd like to think that you are easy to love, and at times you are.... You're also a pain.

      I know that no one seems to shine as brightly in your mind that that one special guy friend. A little heads up, your gut instinct about him is true. It's nothing tragic, but he is never going to be interested in you like that. Don't let yourself get caught up in the idea of him. Someone perfect for you is sitting right there in front of you... Literally. Band will soon be the highlight of your day, even though you hate it. 
      Love... It's going to happen, and soon. You will know it the second you talk to him. Don't be discouraged and don't allow doubt to enter your mind. Don't get wrapped up in the crazy circumstances... Just let things play out and let God be in control of the situation... You'll be glad that you did. You are in for the most precious and awesome gift of your life. Have a care with him and stay true to your morals and expectations. He'll meet you half way in everything and be the most understanding man. 

      I want to caution you. The plan that you have for your life isn't going to happen exactly the way you hoped. Actually, life at 26 is going to be very different than you expected. Not bad, just different. Things will happen that will try to tear you down and destroy your relationship and friendships. Roll with the punches, adapt and be faithful... Because things wont always be easy. Allow God's plan to happen without fighting it and just relax. Everything will happen at the right time for your life.

     Dance. Compete until you can't anymore. Your body will hate you after you quit dancing. Just sayin'.

      Take every moment with your grandma and enjoy them. She's the sweetest woman in the world and deserves every attentive moment.

Your 26 year old self.


Alison Loughlin said...

That letter inspired was very well written, plus me to write a letter to my 10 year old self

Alison Loughlin said...

Your letter was very well written! It inspired me to write a letter to my 10 year old self, so keep up with the great writing!