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April 29, 2013

Beautiful Weekend

It was a really great weekend.

Jake worked Friday 3rd shift, so Saturday morning I spent the day spending a little money running errands and amusing myself.
This really means I shopped then caught up on TV shows on Hulu.
{lunch! Cherry tomatoes, fresh motz and balsamic vinegar!}

The weather on Saturday was really great. 

{the tree in our backyard}

Asher LOVED the warm sunshine

 Saturday evening we went over to SIL's house for Noah's 2nd birthday party.
His birthday isn't until later this week, but celebrating early made for lots of fun!
I was a bad aunt and didn't get many pictures during the party.
Actually I didn't get any pictures until people were heading out and little boys were melting.

Grown men too... 

And fur nieces...

Sunday wasn't as eventful. 
The rain was pretty cruddy.
But family dinner with some pizza always helps.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!


itbritt said...

Bahaha. I always joke that I begin melting at the end of a party. Never heard anyone else say it before. Knew I liked you.

Love the "melting" photos.
The best kind.

Blue Dog Belle said...

Looks like a lovely weekend! Hope you're off to a great start this week as well!