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March 14, 2013

The Death of Google Reader

If you haven't heard, it's happening July 1st.
I, personally, never used Google reader... But I know a lot of other people did/do.
Hopefully BlogLovin (a fav of mine) will start to pick up as an alternative.
Here is an article about a few other options. I found it while reading about the shut down.

Here is a link to my bloglivin' feed, or go ahead and click the big Plus sign on my header.
(Bloglovin is offering an easy import of all of your Google Reader blogs!)

What are your feelinga about the shut down of Google Reader?
How many of you use the GR for reading your collection of daily reads?
If you have already made the switch, what alternative do you prefer?
Do you think RSS is on it's way out?

1 comment:

Kate Hutson said...

I use, and have used, Google Reader since 2007ish? to keep track of over 1,000 feeds, including RSS feeds of every person and board I follow on Pinterest. It just makes everything easier for me. Color me devastated. :(