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March 27, 2013

Poppin' Tags

Growing up I knew more about my parents financial issues than other kids.

There was a lot involved, including a fairly serious car accident and my parent's medical bills from it.
Due to this, and my parent's frugal ways, I'm completely comfortable shopping in a thrift store. 

I was doing it before the hit song.
Before thrift t's were popular in high school with the kids jersey shirt trend that happened.

I actually really enjoy taking the time to go through racks of random clothing and finding those jewels.
I'm talking name brand, on-trend pieces.
I'm thankful for those people who freely give to foundations like Goodwill and Salvation Army.

The other night I went to my local general thrift store for a little cheap retail therapy. 
Here are some of my finds.

The Limited - $4.99

Banana Republic - $2.99

The Limited - $4.99

Jones NY - $2.99

Charlotte Russe - $2.99

Unknown - $2.99

Target - $2.99

I'm super excited!
I also found Jake an express shirt, but he has to try it on to see if it fits. 
It was totally worth the $2.99 to have him try on a brand new Express shirt, with tags. 
If it doesn't I know my brother might want it.

So anyone else a thrifter? 


Darby Hawley said...

You scored big for little!!!!

Nikki said...

I love Thrift shopping and the goodwill near me gets stuff from Target that they can't sell anymore with the tags still on. I loaded up on swimsuits there a few years ago. Got like 6 of them fro 10 bucks. Best deal ever! We also score great stuff from there for our drama club at school