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March 20, 2013

My 'Love' Food

So, I love eating.
I, literally, will eat almost anything. Well, not actual sea food... or crazy things like grasshoppers

My absolute favorite food is Ramen noodles. They never get old for me. I can whip it up in seconds and eat it until the end of time. I don't count Ramen as just a poor college kid meal.

It's a staple in my house. It's even in our rules. 
Never shall we ever bee without Ramen noodles.

OK, maybe it's not in our house rules... But it should be.


Nikki said...

So delish. I just tried the spicy chicken one for the first time... Yummo

Darby Hawley said...

Since freshman year of college I have sworn of Ramen, but not because I OD'ed or anything. In fact I have never tasted Ramen noodles. Instead in our door we filled up an inflatable pool with $500 in Ramen. Then we went swimming, with goggles & floaties....I'm pretty sure I will never forget that smell lol