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March 6, 2013

Little Letters Link Up

This week's Letters are to make up for the past two weeks.
Dear Baby Cast- I miss you. It was such a great experience, working with you. Singing with you. Acting out such a great story with you.... But I sure am enjoying my vegging sessions.
Dear Husband- You have been amazing. I know that the past month and a half has been absolutely crazy with me running to rehearsals after barely having time to make/eat dinner with you. You didn't complain *much about how little time we have spent together, and you get extra kisses for it. 
Dear Family - You're support through out 'Baby' was so great. From bringing me random set pieces to showing up in full force for a show. I'm so grateful and blessed to have you as a part of my life.
Dear Friends- I'm sorry I've been terrible. Life has calmed down now.
Dear Readers - Don't forget to take advantage of the eShakti promo. Go check it out. Also, welcome new and old readers! I love that you've stopped by!