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March 18, 2013

Earliest Memory

Have you ever been sitting with your parents and they start reminiscing about your childhood, and all of a sudden you are like, 'Wait, I remember that!!!!' 

I do this all the time. 

I was born in Michigan. Yes, I know. As a Buckeye Alumni, I got a lot of crap from my fellow students and fans. The only thing redeeming about that fact of my life is that we moved to Ohio when I was 2. The funny thing is, I remember the Michigan house.We had a weeping willow and a tire swing. Our driveway wasn't paved and it was really long. We also had 3 horses. Tovi, Ladybug and Joe.

Ok, ok so I don't really remember the horses.
Or the driveway... Really.

I remember moving my Sit-n-spin from our shed/garage and coming across a huge spider. It was probably just a Daddy Long Legs, but in my memories it was a giant thing the size of my toy. And scarier than all get out!
I also remember getting my big sibling's bike (with training wheels) stuck in a hole and spinning the big wheel in a puddle, spraying water everywhere.

 Of course, I don't know if these memories are real. It's possible that they aren't and I'm just remembering pictures and stories and making them real for me. 

I hope they are, because they're all that I have from actually living in Michigan. Big sis and Bro have so many more factual memories from our first house. I'm jealous, for sure... It was a different place, a different time. To be able to say that I actually remember the 80's would be amazing.

Does anyone else have memories like that, where you think they must be real?

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