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February 7, 2013

The World's Pain

I have two very opposing opinions when it comes to all of the tragedy that has come to our nation over the past 15 years.
I'm often torn in two.

I want every bit of information I can find, but I know that accurate information takes time. I also find the fault mostly with 'the system' as well as the individual. My opposing view is that every family member involved, victim and perpetrator alike, needs and deserves privacy during such raw moments in their lives. No one can deal with personal tragedy well under the pressure and lenses of the media. I hate the sensationalism that comes along with media coverage. Every article and up-to-date feed blaring the latest information, whether it's accurate or not. I recognize that there are layers and layers of circumstance, utter confusion and mis-information surrounding each incident. Nothing is clear in the first few weeks of investigation, if at all.

I just wish that....
Well, I wish people waited for confirmed and accurate information, rather than speculation, before feeding the news monster.

I hate everything that has happened at the hands of sick individuals, using their hate, instability and anger to pull triggers, push buttons or cause emotional and physical damage at the expense of others.

Whenever something happens Hubs and I talk about it quite a bit. We actually talk about it a lot. We talk about our personal reactions and fears. How we would handle similar incidents. It overwhelms us and our conversations for a few days, until we are able to pray for the individuals involved and try to come to peace with God's plan for the world. 

We know that there are harder trials ahead for us personally, as well as the world we live in.

How do you approach these incidents within your household?
What is your gut reaction?
With your kids? 
With your safety?  
With your faith?

(I'm not asking in order to judge opinions or drive a certain discussion. Every family is different, and I'm very interested in how parents react, as well as families of 2. I'm all about love here...)

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