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February 20, 2013

Little Letters Link Up

Dear Work Radio - You are no friend of mine. Please cease the Prince, Gytoe and Miley Cyrus songs. You only redeem yourself with Adele... And that's because I'll always love her, no matter how over played her songs are.

Dear Husband - You are amazing. Not only are you our main breadwinner, you are also taking a full semester of classes. I know how hard you work for our family. 

Dear Pup - Your incessant barking is putting me on edge. I know you need to potty, but why can't you sit at the door quietly?

Dear Lotion, Humidifier and Chapstick - You complete me.

Dear Readers - You are so amazingly awesome! I love getting to know you through comments and tweets. You make my day brighter when I am able to connect with you. 

Dear Cable - I don't miss you. My Netflix and Hulu+ accounts are keeping me as busy as I want to be. Plus we are saving a ton of money without you here.

Always Yours,


xfallenmoon said...

stopping by from the linking up (: you have a really cute blog!! i totally know what you mean about the cable, i haven't had it in quite some time and i don't miss it at-all. and btw, your husband seems like a hero, you are one lucky girl! (:

love, x
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TheVagabondStudio said...

Welllll, since you like connecting, I figured I'd comment! Love your blog! <3

Megan said...

I found your blog through the Freckled Fox link up....I too, do not miss cable or its cost! Netflix is way better! :)