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February 28, 2013

Invisalign: Trays 17 & 18

Am I really half way through my trays?!

Yes, yes I am.

It's interesting because now that things are all spaced out, I can tell you exactly which tooth is being moved after I put in a new tray. Enter 2 days of precise aching.

My trays are becoming old news. Everyone I'm around is use to me taking them out to snack. I'm dang good about not being gross with them.
It's a gift getting these babies out without strands of spit.
It's a talent, what can I say.
Plus, I'm quick.

Tray 17 wasn't exciting.

Tray 18 brought gapage to my front teeth.
Nothing anyone else would notice...
But let me tell you, it hurts when you catch your tongue in each new gap.

4-5 months left.
It can't get here soon enough!

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