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February 13, 2013

Invisalign: Tray 15 & 16

Nothing exciting to report for tray 15 & 16.
They filed the edge of another bottom tooth. It was my super crooked one. The one that is basically sideways.
It was awful.
OK, not really. It was just annoyingly unpleasant.

There isn't much vehement going on. Not noticeable movement at any rate. 

It's crazy because about 2 months ago my top teeth were really on the move. Now for the past few trays, nothing has moved up top... And my teeth are kinda really gappy, in comparison to how my teeth were before.

It's nothing to other people, because they don't notice... But I sure do. I even prefer to wear my trays all the time because of it.
I should anyway, I know.
I watched the video again and I think they are pretty much staying gap-tastic until the last few trays. Something about allowing my bite to realign and giving my teeth the proper space to actually move. 
Bla, bla, bla. 

Also, I've just scheduled my first cleaning since I got the little bracket buttons put on. I'm interested to see how the cleaning goes. I mean how are they going to clean those things.