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February 18, 2013

Comfort Food

New Years day, Jake and I spent the day at Half Price Books.
That place is like heaven on earth.
Jake was looking for body building and nutrition books. I was off in La-la Land finding Broadway music scores and Audrey Hapburn Bios. After about an hour I found Jake and asked him if he wanted me to look for a healthy cook book.
followed by another hour of looking through cook books in order to make sure there were enough recipes for my picky eater.

The cookbook we have been using for our meals is the Taste of Home Comfort food Diet.

The main idea from the book is to cook things that give you the same comfort foods that everyone loves, just slimmed down. Nothing in the book, when coked as directed, is over 500 calories.

Nothing has killed us yet.
Well, That dang balsamic maple chicken was not our best. I'll be posting stuff when I can remember to take pictures and rate the recipes.

So far, I'd say that out of the 10-15 recipies we've done, we've liked more than half and only dis-liked one.
Well, Jake didn't like it.
I didn't mind it, but then again, I was the one who made it.

Here are some in the moment pictures from the past month. I'll try harder to document these meals, because they are definitely not normal for us yet, but we're trying!

And yes, I have noticed the lack of veggies. What can I say, my man is a meat and potatoes kind of guy.... I've resorted to v8 splash as a back up.
I'm just kidding!


Katherine - Real Food Runner said...
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Katherine - Real Food Runner said...

Cute blog!

Health food giveaway over at my place :)