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February 27, 2013

Baby The Musical

So, I've been crazy busy.
I've been in constant rehearsals for my community theatre's spring show 'Baby'. I already told you about the audition, let me paint you a picture of our rehearsal process so far.

It has been hilarious!
I'm telling you, having not had a big part since high school (8 years), this was the perfect show to jump back into things with. It has been so much fun!

Before rehearsals even started the 6 leads decided to get together for a full read through. With all the side commentary and jokes it took us about 2 hours... Without music! It was a crazy. I've never been more comfortable with a group of people, knowing that I'd need to perform something eventually.

Rehearsals began with a bang. Everyone picking out key moments and kicking butt in interpretation. We even knew most of the songs. So the goofing around continued. Now, the teasing is all heartfelt and loving. We are a tight knit group.

Here are a few pics from rehearsal.

I'm getting excited. Things are really starting to come together now that we are in tech week.
That's right, the show is this weekend.

Hopefully we can all avoid the sickness and laryngitis that is flying around our cast.

Anyone spot the prop belly in those pictures?!
Facebook has been funny since some fake belly pictures have gone up.

Now, I should probably go practice some lines....

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Darby Hawley said...

I am so sad that I can't see your performance!!! I wish I could be there to cheer you on. Is there anyway we could get a little video clip of your show?!?!? Please please pretty please!!!!