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January 10, 2013

Vamping Up the Wardrobe

Since I got my new job *gasp* 9 months ago, I've been having to beef up my work wardrobe. I've spent, I don't even know how much, on new shirts and dress pants. Not to mention shoes and jewelry. 

I've loved every second of it. I feel as if I'm truly an adult now. I've gone through my clothes and donated countless items that I've held onto since high school.
Yep, I'm talking freshman year stuff.

My daily grind of clothes have gotten more sophisticated. The things I deemed church appropriate before, are now used daily. 

It's been hard. Shopping for items that can serve a dual purpose is hard. I've found out that I don''t like button-ups. I love belting shirts. I prefer skinny dress pants and looser tops. Heels are great, but only because I'm at a desk all day.

Here is the kicker.

My office is in the talks of getting uniform shirts.
And regulating pants to black or khaki.
(Did I mention that they are outlawing skinny pants?!)

Can you hear my little heart screaming?
My love of fashion, trends and looking cute is about to go down the drain.
There are only so many ways you can wear a polo or a button up.
I'm verklempt.
All that I have to say is that I'm not purchasing anything in regards to a uniform with my own money. If they want us in them daily, they need to supply them.

Does anyone wear uniforms to work? 
Is it infuriating, easier or stifling?
(Scrubs don't count... They are comfy, like pj's.)


Rachel said...

OH man, I would not be happy with that at all! My school requires a dress code of all black--black jeans or skinnies don't count. And then we have to wear an apron on top, which takes even more of the fun of getting dressed for school out of the equation. That's quite sad.
And my husband wears scrubs to work everyday, but he doesn't mind it. I would mind. I hate dressing the same all the time!

Darby Hawley said...

That is a HUGE bummer!!!! I cannot imagine having to wear uniform after you've just purchased a new wardrobe!!!

Nikki said...

I don't understand why they would ban skinnies. That seems dumb.