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January 29, 2013

Trays 13 and 14

Tray 13:
Every time I have to change trays, it gets harder and harder to put the dang things on. I had to wrestle with this set... Then chew on my green chewie thing for about a half hour to get them to set properly. Because of this, I'm now taking headache meds before each change... Every time, I do it as a precaution exactly 5.7 seconds before I put my new trays in... Then I think how stupid that was, because there wouldn't be time for them to kick in... So, any pain I had would have to be dealt with until they did start working.
Every time, after about 4 minutes of new trays, I think how unnecessary the meds were. 
Changing trays has never caused headaches or any true soreness for my mouth. Nothing beyond the realm of dealing with it. 

I have also been actively putting my new trays on immediately after dinner so that I have them on, without interruption, for the longest period of time possible. It's probably my best decision in regards to switching trays.
Go me!

Tray 14:
This set of trays is going to start the movement on my most crooked tooth. I figured that out when I tried taking it off for the first time. I felt like the tray was trying to rip the bracket off my tooth. In reality that single tooth is just more sensitive and a little loose from the pressure of the tray's new setting.

My orthodontic appointment will include more teeth filing after I'm done with 14... I'm not looking forward to it.

Clicky teeth, clicky teeth. Gotta love it when every time I clench my teeth, or bite hard to make my trays seat better, I get this little clicking sound of my tooth moving. It doesn't hurt, and it's barely audible.

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