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January 8, 2013

Trays 11 and 12

I'm tired.
Tired of the brackets cutting my cheeks when I eat. Tired of brushing after every meal, snack or drink. Tired of lisping, spitting, and stuttering in order to get words out correctly.

Tray 11:
She shaved down two of my teeth. What she does is take this tiny sheet of sandpaper, clipped into surgical clamps, and squeezes it into a tight gap in my teeth and grinds away. It's worse than nails on a chalkboard. Then she buffs the spot and ta-da. Erin has a new gap in her teeth.


Tray 12:
The whole landscape of my teeth is changing. Every once in a while, when I take off my trays, I go "oh, well that's a little different.'
I'm hoping that the new gaps that I have will go away soon. I know that I'm only 1/3-ish through my treatment with my teeth, but I'm about done with these dang gaps.

So the biggest change, so far, hasn't been my crowding... Which is the main visual issue... It's been with my molars. Before things started they were tilted in a little bit, and my trays have been working on straightening them out. I've noticed. My bite is slowly changing... I noticed this the most when I was driving home in traffic one day. I was clenching my jaw, which is a bad habbit for me, and my jaw started really aching. I was caught off guard once I realized that my clenching had a different effect now.
Excuse me molars?!
Oh well... It's a bad habit anyway. But it was a new experience. I guess I'll be paying a little more attention to the tension I carry subconsciously. 

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