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January 9, 2013

There is a Theme

I have been acting since I was 12. Because of this, being on stage is pretty natural for me. I can do the work and prep for a show completely relaxed. Performing is the best rush.

Auditioning is another thing entirely.
I have major anxiety when it comes to a vocal audition... A reading is pretty stressful too.

A couple of week ago I decided that I had been taking voice lessons and not putting them to use. I was basically wasting hard earned money because I was going, just to go. I was making the excuse that my voice lessons were the one thing I did for me, which is true... But I was getting that itch.
you know what I'm talking about... The 'I'm stuck' itch.
I blame it on my 26th birthday.
So I auditioned for a show, almost on a whim. I hadn't really talked about it with anyone, other than Jake.
I didn't see the need. I was thinking of it more as an exercise than an actual audition because I probably wouldn't be cast anyway. (Yeah, my ego and I need to have a chat.)

It was a Thursday night audition, so I hoped that not many people would show up... Or that I would be surrounded by friends who were also auditioning. Thankfully, it was a little bit of a smaller crowd. Smaller than the summer show, but a fairly good turn-out for a Thursday. And most of the people who were there, I knew from past shows. Everything went really well. My singing was good... Not as good as in lesson, but that's to be expected with nerves as bad as mine. And my reading went really well, considering I haven't really acted since my Junior year of college. 

Once the audition was over, I was able to really enjoy hearing the people who were there with me sing and read. I'm amazed by the talent that you can find in the suburbs! So many individuals who just do what they do for the enjoyment of it, rather than the fame or money. And they are dang good at it!

Anyway, after the audition I hung around and chatted with friends then headed home and thought nothing more of the show.

Saturday evening, as I was sitting with Jake on MIL's couch talking to her about med school plans, I got a text from one of my close theatre friends and all it said was 'Congrats, Lizzie!'

I was stunned!
I just interrupted the conversation and told Jake I got the part. I hated being so rude, but I was just really surprised. Jake smiled at me and gave me a 'Aw, yay babe'. And we got back to talking about med school things. I was half paying attention and half texting my friend, who had also gotten a part.

Anyway. Long story short.

The musical is called Baby.
{pic via}
Oh, the irony continues.

The show is about 3 couples, 20-somethings, 30-somethings and 40-somethings, all receiving the same news, and their reactions to it. 
My character is 19 (HA!) and living with her boyfriend. She's a junior in college and is completely against the idea of marriage.
Anyone catching this?

I think it's hilarious!

Who fell in love and married young, at 22. 
Who wants to be pregnant, but is waiting for things to settle in for her husband... 
I get to play a young prego who is against the idea of marriage.
I can't help but laugh about it.

The show is really very good. I'm over the moon excited for this opportunity.
And maybe Jake will count this as a hobby that will distract me from my impatience when it comes to getting pregnant.

No the irony of that idea isn't lost on me. 

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Nikki said...

Yay! Congrats. I would love to come watch you. The show sounds fun.