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January 30, 2013

Sag Award Red Carpet

I know this is late in coming... But better late than never!
I do have to tell you that I enjoyed the red carpet much more than with the golden globes. 
So much more variety.
So many cringe worthy dresses...

I'll show you one of them.
{pic via}
Excuse me, I don't care if your show is the most addicting on the planet...
Side boob is never acceptable.

Now onto the more visually pleasing.

Here are my favorites:
{pic via}
{pic via}
{pic via}
{pic via}
{pic via}
The winner of the night!

{pic via}

1 comment:

Redheaded Daybook said...

Gosh! I love these dresses so much! I want a long elegant evening gown now! Just to prance around in for a night. Super lovely!

Happy Wednesday!

Redheaded Daybook