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January 23, 2013

Last First Birthday

So it's official. The last of the brood of nieces and nephews officially turned one this past weekend. 
 The youngest of the '4 in 9 months' club, Damon, turned 1 and we had a small party to celebrate.

I can't believe that the last in the first wave of nieces and nephews is getting so big! I mean, Damon is the true baby of the group. I feel like Jake being home on leave, and for his birth, wasn't that long ago...
But it really has been a whole year.


Damon is such a sweet little man. I think I have only seen him frown twice. He is always happy and content to be with whoever will hold him. He loves his big brother, JJ, so much. Damon's eyes light up whenever JJ is around, giggling at his silly antics.

And he is the spitting image of my brother.

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