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January 14, 2013

A Very Musical January: Week 3

Footloose (2010)
What's her name doesn't even look like herself in the beginning. It's funny to see almost the exact screenplay happen, just 10 years later. Amazing. The kid has a terrible Boston accent... But some of the situations are really awkward... But what's up with switching tractor chicken with school bus figure 8? I do appreciate the covers of the original soundtrack songs.... Interesting to say the least.

What the?! What is Gene Kelly doing in a bad musical from he 80's? Really Bad. In fact, he was the best thing about that dang movie. I have no further comments on this trash. (Haha! Just checked IMDB, Gene Kelly only took the part because filming was close to his house.)

Singing in the Rain
Hands down, favorite musical. Nothin' will change that. It's perfection. I could watch it over and over again.... 

The Wizard of Oz
Classic. Beautiful. Awesome.

Little Shop of Horrors
Couldn't watch it because it was taken off Netflix. Bummer. I don't think I've seen Little Shop all the way through.

Week 3
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Jesus Christ Superstar
The Producers (1968)
Chicago (2002)

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