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January 7, 2013

A Very Musical January Week 2

(I saw Les Miserables... It deserves a whole post.)

Here are my opinions and reviews:

Into The Woods
Bernadette peters can do no wrong. The music is amazing. Sondheim is amazing. He has been called the Shakespere of musicals, and yes, his music is that good. Love, love, love this show.

The Pirates of Pinzance
Excuse me, is that Kevin Klein?! It is! Woah. I fell in love with that man in French Kiss with Meg Ryan. Now that I know he's done musicals he is just that much more amazing! I love the cheesiness and I don't even mind the crazy bad sets. The wordiness of the lyrics is pretty impressive.

The Wiz
People are going to hate me... But I fell asleep in the sweatshop scene. It was only 9:30. And even then I was unimpressed with pretty much everyone.... I don't know..... It was only OK. I know that it's a cult classic and a big thing for some people. I'm sad that I did't like it as much.

This is a newer show and really amazing. The dancing was awesome and the story is really good. It deserves all the Tony awards that it got a few years ago.

Footloose (1984)
This is a classic movie. Now that I've watched it and it is fresh in my mind I'm excited to see the new one for the first time. Gotta love Kevin Bacon in his prime, before all the bad plastic surgery.

This week the musicals are:
Singing in the Rain
Footloose (2010)
Little Shop of Horrors
The wizard of Oz

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