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January 2, 2013

A New Year- A New Me

I've been going through this phase where I want to get my life in order. 
De-clutter, simplify, organize, streamline.

I'm starting with facebook. 
I'm pairing down my pictures, privatizing posts, minimizing my presence with the public side of 'The Book'. I'm thinking that it might help me feel less reliant on facebook. I'm annoyed with myself and how often I'm on checking my news feed or stalking someone else's pictures. One day I realized that if I am looking at a near stranger's life, casually looking at their new house, who they spent the holidays with, what they got at their baby/wedding showers... Others were doing the same with me and my facebook things.
I realize that people put up pictures are expected to understand that people are going to look at them. And that the privacy settings are common knowledge... I just didn't like it. 
I still don't. 

I don't like the idea that anyone can right click on one of my pictures and print it out.

With the facebook culture being what it is, I feel that we've lost control. We think that our entire life should be public knowledge. 
Here is a picture of my dinner, be jealous because it was expensive.
Here are all the people that I party with. We get so wasted together.
This is what I look like in my bathroom first thing in the morning (after makeup, of course.)
Look at all the Christmas gifts under the tree. Our material belonging make us blessed.

It's the subconscious statement that I tend to get annoyed with.

Now I'm not saying that facebook and sharing your life is completely obnoxious.
I blog, for heaven's sake!
I just think that the unconscious photo-status vomit that happens with facebook, twitter and the blog world is a bit much.. And I'm going to take a step to make my presence a little less. I think it's distracting me from the real things in my life. The here and now of where I am. I don't want to be distracted by my phone/computer and miss out on my life.

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Nikki said...

This is totally true. Sometimes I find myself so caught up n reading blogs on my phone I am missing out on playing with my kids. It's crazy how caught up we can get.