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January 3, 2013

A Healthier Us

So many of my resolutions for this year are focusing on living healthier, eating healthier, spending healthier and thinking healthier. I'm excited to say that Jake and I are starting things off right...
Well, kinda.

On the first, we ate out... But with a gift card.
First day of the year aside, I'm really excited about the plans that are being made together.
Yep, together.

Jake and I took our day off to stop by our favorite discount book store to pick up a few things. Other than the musical song book and the Prince Caspian movie, we did pretty good. Jake picked up some material on supplements and weightlifting nutrition. I grabbed 3 cook books. One was food with prep times under 30 minutes. The other two were 'comfort food' recipes that were under 400 calories per dish.

As we drove, I read names of dishes to Jake, my picky eater. Surprisingly enough, most of the dishes got the green flag... And later, the green post-it note.

We drove to the store and grabbed a week calendar dry erase board. It now lives on our kitchen wall, screaming our dinner plans at us. 
No more unplanned dinners. 
No more indecisive dinner plans. 
Frozen pizzas are banned. 
Eating out on a week night is for emergencies only.

I'm ready to learn to cook.
I'm ready to eat healthier.
I'm ready to kick preservatives out of our house.
(Not all of them, but a lot of them... Baby steps.)

I'm praying for this plan to stick. I'm determined for it to work. I'm tired of feeling 'blah', and I think home made meals are one of the ways I can help me, help myself.

Last night, we had our first cook book cooking experience. I didn't take pictures because I was terrified it would be awful.

Maple Glazed Chicken.
I loved it. Jake though it was only 'OK' and we were 'allowed to cook it again.'
Our fail was that with the focus so much on the main dish, we didn't make a side. So, it was an all meat night. and I was too wrapped up to even realize it until after everything was cleaned up.

Also, my pans are in sore need of cleaning. I have a recipe for sparkling pots and pans pinned that I'm going to try... Then you can see pictures of the cooking that is taking place in the R household.

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Nikki said...

You'll have to share some of the recipes you both love.