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January 24, 2013

$1 Shave

I'm taking a moment to share a product with you.
I'm not being reimbursed in any way by the company... I just wanted to share a great business with you.

This razor is from dollarshaveclub.com. I signed Jake up as a little Christmas gift. He seems to be a razor hoarder. He will get a new razor all the time and it's always a guessing game as to which blades we have to buy.

Check out their commercial.
(The f-bomb is bleeped out, I promise.)

Dollar shave has fixed that problem for us... 
There are 3 different levels of blades and handles. I just chose the middle of the road set.
So once a month, for $6, Jake is being sent a set of 4 blade attachments.

Except I'm the one using the razor.
Jake chooses to grow out a manly beard in between drill weekends.

That's right. 
I threw away my Venus razor and instead I am using a manly blade. For $6 a month for attachments, you can't pass it up!  Now that we get our blades sent to our house for $6 a month, I can afford to change the blade once a week. Before I was changing them maybe once ever 2-3 weeks because the blades were so dang expensive, even with a coupon.

I love it. 
Jake will probably use it (with a fresh blade) if he ever needs to.
In the mean time we are saving about $10 per package of replacement blades.


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