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January 31, 2013

Things I Love Right Now

Here are some of the thing I'm in love with right now.

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{The Island of Skye, Scotland. pic via}
{Homemade cleaners. pic via}

January 30, 2013

Sag Award Red Carpet

I know this is late in coming... But better late than never!
I do have to tell you that I enjoyed the red carpet much more than with the golden globes. 
So much more variety.
So many cringe worthy dresses...

I'll show you one of them.
{pic via}
Excuse me, I don't care if your show is the most addicting on the planet...
Side boob is never acceptable.

Now onto the more visually pleasing.

Here are my favorites:
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{pic via}
{pic via}
{pic via}
{pic via}
The winner of the night!

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January 29, 2013

Trays 13 and 14

Tray 13:
Every time I have to change trays, it gets harder and harder to put the dang things on. I had to wrestle with this set... Then chew on my green chewie thing for about a half hour to get them to set properly. Because of this, I'm now taking headache meds before each change... Every time, I do it as a precaution exactly 5.7 seconds before I put my new trays in... Then I think how stupid that was, because there wouldn't be time for them to kick in... So, any pain I had would have to be dealt with until they did start working.
Every time, after about 4 minutes of new trays, I think how unnecessary the meds were. 
Changing trays has never caused headaches or any true soreness for my mouth. Nothing beyond the realm of dealing with it. 

I have also been actively putting my new trays on immediately after dinner so that I have them on, without interruption, for the longest period of time possible. It's probably my best decision in regards to switching trays.
Go me!

Tray 14:
This set of trays is going to start the movement on my most crooked tooth. I figured that out when I tried taking it off for the first time. I felt like the tray was trying to rip the bracket off my tooth. In reality that single tooth is just more sensitive and a little loose from the pressure of the tray's new setting.

My orthodontic appointment will include more teeth filing after I'm done with 14... I'm not looking forward to it.

Clicky teeth, clicky teeth. Gotta love it when every time I clench my teeth, or bite hard to make my trays seat better, I get this little clicking sound of my tooth moving. It doesn't hurt, and it's barely audible.

January 28, 2013

Asher Turns 2

I can't believe my little man is already 2 years old. 

That little guy has been through so much since we have had him.
The leg break.
Nieces and nephews.
Jake's Deployment.
Jake coming home.

He's been awesome through it all and is the happiest little guy.
Except few the mornings when he has to go in his kennel for the 2 hours until Jake gets home from 3rd shift and class/lab... Poor little guy.

I know that people will tell me that things change once you have kids... 
That your dogs go from being your fur-babies to just being dogs.
Until that day comes, if it does for me, he is going to be my little baby boy.
{baby boy!!!!}

{He was so little when we got him}

Happy Birthday my little man!!!!

January 24, 2013

$1 Shave

I'm taking a moment to share a product with you.
I'm not being reimbursed in any way by the company... I just wanted to share a great business with you.

This razor is from dollarshaveclub.com. I signed Jake up as a little Christmas gift. He seems to be a razor hoarder. He will get a new razor all the time and it's always a guessing game as to which blades we have to buy.

Check out their commercial.
(The f-bomb is bleeped out, I promise.)

Dollar shave has fixed that problem for us... 
There are 3 different levels of blades and handles. I just chose the middle of the road set.
So once a month, for $6, Jake is being sent a set of 4 blade attachments.

Except I'm the one using the razor.
Jake chooses to grow out a manly beard in between drill weekends.

That's right. 
I threw away my Venus razor and instead I am using a manly blade. For $6 a month for attachments, you can't pass it up!  Now that we get our blades sent to our house for $6 a month, I can afford to change the blade once a week. Before I was changing them maybe once ever 2-3 weeks because the blades were so dang expensive, even with a coupon.

I love it. 
Jake will probably use it (with a fresh blade) if he ever needs to.
In the mean time we are saving about $10 per package of replacement blades.


January 23, 2013

Last First Birthday

So it's official. The last of the brood of nieces and nephews officially turned one this past weekend. 
 The youngest of the '4 in 9 months' club, Damon, turned 1 and we had a small party to celebrate.

I can't believe that the last in the first wave of nieces and nephews is getting so big! I mean, Damon is the true baby of the group. I feel like Jake being home on leave, and for his birth, wasn't that long ago...
But it really has been a whole year.


Damon is such a sweet little man. I think I have only seen him frown twice. He is always happy and content to be with whoever will hold him. He loves his big brother, JJ, so much. Damon's eyes light up whenever JJ is around, giggling at his silly antics.

And he is the spitting image of my brother.

January 22, 2013

Book Club: The Stupidest Angel

Back to book club!
Are you excited?!

I'm going to play catch up and tell you about a the book we read for December as well as January.
I'm lazy, what can I say.

So back in December, we (Babes in Bookland) read The Stupidest Angel.
{pic via}

It's a Christmas story.

It was a really bizarre book. I think the writing is better suited for a male audience.
A male audience who doesn't really like reading.

Let me tell you why.
Celestial beings.
Adult inuendos.

Yes, I said zombies.
Yes, it's a Christmas story.

It was a terribly great book. And maybe, only maybe, I mean greatly terrible.
It's beyond stupid. I can't tell if Christopher Moore is a genious or just a bad writer.

Either way it's being made into a movie, to be released November 2013.
To my book club girls; no I'm not kidding. Check out the cast

January 21, 2013

A Very Musical January : Week 4

Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog
Neil Patrick Harris is hilarious. Great vice. The story line is geeky, but I can totally see why this has a cult following.

Excuse me, Bette Milder... Enough said.

Jesus Christ Superstar
I love this show. Not just because of the content, but because of the opening scene. It's cool. Ted Neeley creeps me out to the max, but it's a good show.

The Producers
I turned on this movie and literally expected to see Nathan Lane. The only part of the movie that is a musical is the actual musical. It s really funny though.

Classic. I adore this movie. The cameo from Chita Rivera ain't bad either. 

Week 4 Picks:
Man of Lamancha
Funny Face

What can I say, I'm lazy.
Actually, I'm getting burn out when it comes to movies.

January 16, 2013


I have this strange affection with hands. They are so beautiful. I feel like they are a window into a life.
This is, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful pictures from my wedding. Big Sis and SIL attaching my bustle after my wedding.
{Pic via CandidKama Photography}

The hands of the young are plump and soft. They have yet to handle what life brings. A babies hands are the most precious thing to me. Tiny. Soft. Always curled into little fists, ferociously grasping life.

One of my favorite things about my grandmother, was her hands. They were frail, but beautiful. They saw her through 99 and a half years of hard work. I loved sharing lotion with wither her, purposefully taking too much. I would take her cold, long fingers in my own and marvel at her thin skin and fragile, prominent veins. I would warm them as I massaged the sunflower scented lotion into the delicate wrinkles and creases. To me, they represented her life.
I loved her hands best.

With your hands you can give so much. Good and bad. There is nothing more powerful.

 Watching my mother, I always notice her hands when she uses lotion. I see my grandmothers hands. The beautiful lengthy fingers, the delicate skin, the beautiful nails. Even the multiple rings adorning each hand.

I miss my Grandma.

Those hands are my sisters legacy. My nieces. I can see the similarity in them. The long fingers. They are the caring and beautiful hands of the most important women in my life. I cherish those hands more than anything. In them, they hold every romantic memory of family.

January 15, 2013

Golden Globed Red Carpet

I'm changing things wit my Red Carpet posts. 
I'm only going with my 3 favorite dresses and 1 least favorite... 
Unless there is a tie.

Yay for Award Season! 

Golden Globes Favorites
{pic via}
{pic via}
{pic via}
Least Favorite
{pic via}

January 14, 2013

A Very Musical January: Week 3

Footloose (2010)
What's her name doesn't even look like herself in the beginning. It's funny to see almost the exact screenplay happen, just 10 years later. Amazing. The kid has a terrible Boston accent... But some of the situations are really awkward... But what's up with switching tractor chicken with school bus figure 8? I do appreciate the covers of the original soundtrack songs.... Interesting to say the least.

What the?! What is Gene Kelly doing in a bad musical from he 80's? Really Bad. In fact, he was the best thing about that dang movie. I have no further comments on this trash. (Haha! Just checked IMDB, Gene Kelly only took the part because filming was close to his house.)

Singing in the Rain
Hands down, favorite musical. Nothin' will change that. It's perfection. I could watch it over and over again.... 

The Wizard of Oz
Classic. Beautiful. Awesome.

Little Shop of Horrors
Couldn't watch it because it was taken off Netflix. Bummer. I don't think I've seen Little Shop all the way through.

Week 3
Dr. Horribles Sing Along Blog
Jesus Christ Superstar
The Producers (1968)
Chicago (2002)

January 11, 2013

Emerald Love on My Birthday!

Emerald Love

Look From London sheer top / American Eagle Outfitters scoop neck top / Skinny leg pants / Miss Selfridge studded heels / Wallis gold jewelry / Betsey Johnson jewelry / Dorothy Perkins

January 10, 2013

Vamping Up the Wardrobe

Since I got my new job *gasp* 9 months ago, I've been having to beef up my work wardrobe. I've spent, I don't even know how much, on new shirts and dress pants. Not to mention shoes and jewelry. 

I've loved every second of it. I feel as if I'm truly an adult now. I've gone through my clothes and donated countless items that I've held onto since high school.
Yep, I'm talking freshman year stuff.

My daily grind of clothes have gotten more sophisticated. The things I deemed church appropriate before, are now used daily. 

It's been hard. Shopping for items that can serve a dual purpose is hard. I've found out that I don''t like button-ups. I love belting shirts. I prefer skinny dress pants and looser tops. Heels are great, but only because I'm at a desk all day.

Here is the kicker.

My office is in the talks of getting uniform shirts.
And regulating pants to black or khaki.
(Did I mention that they are outlawing skinny pants?!)

Can you hear my little heart screaming?
My love of fashion, trends and looking cute is about to go down the drain.
There are only so many ways you can wear a polo or a button up.
I'm verklempt.
All that I have to say is that I'm not purchasing anything in regards to a uniform with my own money. If they want us in them daily, they need to supply them.

Does anyone wear uniforms to work? 
Is it infuriating, easier or stifling?
(Scrubs don't count... They are comfy, like pj's.)

January 9, 2013

There is a Theme

I have been acting since I was 12. Because of this, being on stage is pretty natural for me. I can do the work and prep for a show completely relaxed. Performing is the best rush.

Auditioning is another thing entirely.
I have major anxiety when it comes to a vocal audition... A reading is pretty stressful too.

A couple of week ago I decided that I had been taking voice lessons and not putting them to use. I was basically wasting hard earned money because I was going, just to go. I was making the excuse that my voice lessons were the one thing I did for me, which is true... But I was getting that itch.
you know what I'm talking about... The 'I'm stuck' itch.
I blame it on my 26th birthday.
So I auditioned for a show, almost on a whim. I hadn't really talked about it with anyone, other than Jake.
I didn't see the need. I was thinking of it more as an exercise than an actual audition because I probably wouldn't be cast anyway. (Yeah, my ego and I need to have a chat.)

It was a Thursday night audition, so I hoped that not many people would show up... Or that I would be surrounded by friends who were also auditioning. Thankfully, it was a little bit of a smaller crowd. Smaller than the summer show, but a fairly good turn-out for a Thursday. And most of the people who were there, I knew from past shows. Everything went really well. My singing was good... Not as good as in lesson, but that's to be expected with nerves as bad as mine. And my reading went really well, considering I haven't really acted since my Junior year of college. 

Once the audition was over, I was able to really enjoy hearing the people who were there with me sing and read. I'm amazed by the talent that you can find in the suburbs! So many individuals who just do what they do for the enjoyment of it, rather than the fame or money. And they are dang good at it!

Anyway, after the audition I hung around and chatted with friends then headed home and thought nothing more of the show.

Saturday evening, as I was sitting with Jake on MIL's couch talking to her about med school plans, I got a text from one of my close theatre friends and all it said was 'Congrats, Lizzie!'

I was stunned!
I just interrupted the conversation and told Jake I got the part. I hated being so rude, but I was just really surprised. Jake smiled at me and gave me a 'Aw, yay babe'. And we got back to talking about med school things. I was half paying attention and half texting my friend, who had also gotten a part.

Anyway. Long story short.

The musical is called Baby.
{pic via}
Oh, the irony continues.

The show is about 3 couples, 20-somethings, 30-somethings and 40-somethings, all receiving the same news, and their reactions to it. 
My character is 19 (HA!) and living with her boyfriend. She's a junior in college and is completely against the idea of marriage.
Anyone catching this?

I think it's hilarious!

Who fell in love and married young, at 22. 
Who wants to be pregnant, but is waiting for things to settle in for her husband... 
I get to play a young prego who is against the idea of marriage.
I can't help but laugh about it.

The show is really very good. I'm over the moon excited for this opportunity.
And maybe Jake will count this as a hobby that will distract me from my impatience when it comes to getting pregnant.

No the irony of that idea isn't lost on me. 

January 8, 2013

Trays 11 and 12

I'm tired.
Tired of the brackets cutting my cheeks when I eat. Tired of brushing after every meal, snack or drink. Tired of lisping, spitting, and stuttering in order to get words out correctly.

Tray 11:
She shaved down two of my teeth. What she does is take this tiny sheet of sandpaper, clipped into surgical clamps, and squeezes it into a tight gap in my teeth and grinds away. It's worse than nails on a chalkboard. Then she buffs the spot and ta-da. Erin has a new gap in her teeth.


Tray 12:
The whole landscape of my teeth is changing. Every once in a while, when I take off my trays, I go "oh, well that's a little different.'
I'm hoping that the new gaps that I have will go away soon. I know that I'm only 1/3-ish through my treatment with my teeth, but I'm about done with these dang gaps.

So the biggest change, so far, hasn't been my crowding... Which is the main visual issue... It's been with my molars. Before things started they were tilted in a little bit, and my trays have been working on straightening them out. I've noticed. My bite is slowly changing... I noticed this the most when I was driving home in traffic one day. I was clenching my jaw, which is a bad habbit for me, and my jaw started really aching. I was caught off guard once I realized that my clenching had a different effect now.
Excuse me molars?!
Oh well... It's a bad habit anyway. But it was a new experience. I guess I'll be paying a little more attention to the tension I carry subconsciously. 

January 7, 2013

A Very Musical January Week 2

(I saw Les Miserables... It deserves a whole post.)

Here are my opinions and reviews:

Into The Woods
Bernadette peters can do no wrong. The music is amazing. Sondheim is amazing. He has been called the Shakespere of musicals, and yes, his music is that good. Love, love, love this show.

The Pirates of Pinzance
Excuse me, is that Kevin Klein?! It is! Woah. I fell in love with that man in French Kiss with Meg Ryan. Now that I know he's done musicals he is just that much more amazing! I love the cheesiness and I don't even mind the crazy bad sets. The wordiness of the lyrics is pretty impressive.

The Wiz
People are going to hate me... But I fell asleep in the sweatshop scene. It was only 9:30. And even then I was unimpressed with pretty much everyone.... I don't know..... It was only OK. I know that it's a cult classic and a big thing for some people. I'm sad that I did't like it as much.

This is a newer show and really amazing. The dancing was awesome and the story is really good. It deserves all the Tony awards that it got a few years ago.

Footloose (1984)
This is a classic movie. Now that I've watched it and it is fresh in my mind I'm excited to see the new one for the first time. Gotta love Kevin Bacon in his prime, before all the bad plastic surgery.

This week the musicals are:
Singing in the Rain
Footloose (2010)
Little Shop of Horrors
The wizard of Oz

January 3, 2013

A Healthier Us

So many of my resolutions for this year are focusing on living healthier, eating healthier, spending healthier and thinking healthier. I'm excited to say that Jake and I are starting things off right...
Well, kinda.

On the first, we ate out... But with a gift card.
First day of the year aside, I'm really excited about the plans that are being made together.
Yep, together.

Jake and I took our day off to stop by our favorite discount book store to pick up a few things. Other than the musical song book and the Prince Caspian movie, we did pretty good. Jake picked up some material on supplements and weightlifting nutrition. I grabbed 3 cook books. One was food with prep times under 30 minutes. The other two were 'comfort food' recipes that were under 400 calories per dish.

As we drove, I read names of dishes to Jake, my picky eater. Surprisingly enough, most of the dishes got the green flag... And later, the green post-it note.

We drove to the store and grabbed a week calendar dry erase board. It now lives on our kitchen wall, screaming our dinner plans at us. 
No more unplanned dinners. 
No more indecisive dinner plans. 
Frozen pizzas are banned. 
Eating out on a week night is for emergencies only.

I'm ready to learn to cook.
I'm ready to eat healthier.
I'm ready to kick preservatives out of our house.
(Not all of them, but a lot of them... Baby steps.)

I'm praying for this plan to stick. I'm determined for it to work. I'm tired of feeling 'blah', and I think home made meals are one of the ways I can help me, help myself.

Last night, we had our first cook book cooking experience. I didn't take pictures because I was terrified it would be awful.

Maple Glazed Chicken.
I loved it. Jake though it was only 'OK' and we were 'allowed to cook it again.'
Our fail was that with the focus so much on the main dish, we didn't make a side. So, it was an all meat night. and I was too wrapped up to even realize it until after everything was cleaned up.

Also, my pans are in sore need of cleaning. I have a recipe for sparkling pots and pans pinned that I'm going to try... Then you can see pictures of the cooking that is taking place in the R household.

January 2, 2013

A New Year- A New Me

I've been going through this phase where I want to get my life in order. 
De-clutter, simplify, organize, streamline.

I'm starting with facebook. 
I'm pairing down my pictures, privatizing posts, minimizing my presence with the public side of 'The Book'. I'm thinking that it might help me feel less reliant on facebook. I'm annoyed with myself and how often I'm on checking my news feed or stalking someone else's pictures. One day I realized that if I am looking at a near stranger's life, casually looking at their new house, who they spent the holidays with, what they got at their baby/wedding showers... Others were doing the same with me and my facebook things.
I realize that people put up pictures are expected to understand that people are going to look at them. And that the privacy settings are common knowledge... I just didn't like it. 
I still don't. 

I don't like the idea that anyone can right click on one of my pictures and print it out.

With the facebook culture being what it is, I feel that we've lost control. We think that our entire life should be public knowledge. 
Here is a picture of my dinner, be jealous because it was expensive.
Here are all the people that I party with. We get so wasted together.
This is what I look like in my bathroom first thing in the morning (after makeup, of course.)
Look at all the Christmas gifts under the tree. Our material belonging make us blessed.

It's the subconscious statement that I tend to get annoyed with.

Now I'm not saying that facebook and sharing your life is completely obnoxious.
I blog, for heaven's sake!
I just think that the unconscious photo-status vomit that happens with facebook, twitter and the blog world is a bit much.. And I'm going to take a step to make my presence a little less. I think it's distracting me from the real things in my life. The here and now of where I am. I don't want to be distracted by my phone/computer and miss out on my life.

January 1, 2013

A Very Musical January: Week 1

Netflix is a lifesaver, and a musical haven.

Since it is Tuesday already, this week the goal is to watch:
Footloose (1984)
The Wiz
Into The Woods
The Pirates of Penzance
Billy Elliot

Let me know if you are going to try to watch one (or all) this week. I'd love to hear your reviews.

I'm excited because I've never seen Billy Elliot the movie, but I went the show this past year. I've also never watched The Wiz all the way through.