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December 21, 2012

Sayonara, Cable!

Jake and I finally did it!
We cancelled our cable.

We have been researching and debating the pros and cons of canceling for about a month now. Our dependency on cable for a cure for boredom was a bit extreme. Jake would watch TV, rather than study. I would veg out instead of cleaning, crafting, reading, playing with the dog, hanging out with cool people, singing... You get my point. 

There are a million thing I could be doing that would be far more efficient and healthy than watching re-runs of American Pickers, Storage Wars, and Tattoo Masters.

So, Now Jake and I are sans cable box.
We are going to first supplementing TV entertainment with Netflix and soon-to-have HD antenna.
If that isn't quite enough, We will be getting Hulu. 
Jake will get his sport fix through his Xbox Live account and hanging out with friends, or at bars, on game days. This is acceptable because I can bow out when I want...
If that's still not enough, we are looking into Roku or the Apple TV.

I'm excited! So far, I've found my self missing it and cleaning to fill that void.
A+ for me!
I can't help that I'm proud of that. I'm determined to have our basement spotless by New Years, and not having cable will help me achieve that goal.

So, how many of you are in the ranks of the cable-less?

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Nikki said...

We are going to join you sans satellite afte the football season. We have apple tv and find it meets all of our needs. The person who will miss it most is our daughter cause apple tv doesn't have Disney.