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December 5, 2012

Invisalign: Trays 7 and 8

So in order to be able to put on tray 7, I had to get my bottom middle two teeth shaved down. It was the most bizarre experience. I sat in the chair and my orthodontist used tiny pieces of metal, similar to sandpaper, to file down the very middle teeth.I am now sporting a sizable gap in my bottom teeth. 
Don't get me wrong, I understand that the gap is to let my teeth have the room to move. I'm a little over crowded... I'm just traumatized, I guess.
Here is a picture.

I know that it isn't noticeable or even that big of a deal to other people... But to me, it's a big change. It's kinda scary. 
My mouth is changing. I didn't really expect it to change. OK, I expected it to change... I just didn't expect it to feel different. Now my tongue has to learn a whole new layout. 
Yeah I know.
Imagine how your teeth feel right after you get out of a cleaning... But instead of the familiar, you get the semi-familiar.
Shhh, it makes sense.

Tray 7:
I'm not using my chewie enough after the first day, so my trays end up not sitting as tight to my teeth as they could. Everyone thinks my chewie is disgusting, so it's hard to use in public. Hey, just because it makes squeaky noises, doesn't mean it's gross..... (Big Sis!)

The new gap is really freaking weird. I know that it'll go away as my teeth straighten out and get into position... It's just weird. And it's cold. I never knew that you could really feel cold air on your teeth. Crest Sensitive everything here I come.
I put the new trays on at work, after my apt. I had to. My old tray was loose and I want to wear these things as much as possible so that they can be over and done with.
My orthodontist told me that I only needed to wear my trays for a week and a half! 

Did you hear that?! 
I get to change them earlier!

Lets calculate things now.
37 trays total.
6 trays done.
31 trays left.
Each tray is worn for 1.5 weeks
I'll be done with my trays by July 15th, 2013

That's right. My old date was January 1st of 2014.
I'm beyond excited about this. 

Tray 8:

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