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December 18, 2012

Anniversary Cruise

Jake and I went on a cruise the week of our anniversary!
I'm just now getting around to posting about it.

We had an awesome time.
We decided to go with SIL and Math, (their anniversary is mid December) because cruising is better with company. We left for FL bright and early that Saturday. Like, 4:30am early. After a quick layover in Atlanta we were in Florida in time to catch the 12pm OSU vs. MI kickoff.

It's pretty funny, because Math is the only MI fan out of the 4 of us... And people gave him and SIL awesomely weird looks while they walked through the airports hand in hand.

After parking at a local bar for the game (OSU won, of course) we went back to the hotel to nap and get ready for our night out on the town. We decided to start the trip off right we would go to a Brazillian steakhouse.

It was amazing.

Jake and I went to a steakhouse when I visited him in Seattle, before he left for deployment, and fell in love with the ridiculously expensive dinner. There is nothing better than having 16+ types of meat brought to your plate.

The next morning we shuttled to the port and boarded our ship.
{Ft. Lauderdale's port.}
{Sailing into the sunset}
{Jake, sitting on our balcony.}
The following week, on-board, consisted of comedy shows, yummy dinners, buffets galore,  chocolate melting cake, and piano bar madness.

{Our group and the Piano Man.}

{Piano Man's reminders... And 2 drawings we made for him on the back of our song request cards...}
{Our first day at sea was a little overcast...}
{Towel pet! I tired keeping them all, but housekeeping kept taking them away...}
{In the theatre playing 80's music trivia}

{Tipsey-loving on the towel elephant}
{SIL and I doing a martini tasting}
{Jake, waiting on me to be ready for dinner.}
{Trying to finish a whole bottle of wine by myself... I was 3oz short.}
One of my favorite things was our stop in Key West.
Recently SIL and our book club read The Paris Wife, focusing on Ernest Hemingway's first wife. Key West is where his most famous house is. So we stopped by and took the tour. I loved it!!! There were polydactyle cats everywhere.

{This is Audrey Hepburn}

{The 6-toed cat resturant.}

For the excursians we decided that we liked what SIL and Math had chosen... So we tagged along for Stingray bay at Grand Cayman then zip lining and waterfall climbing when we were in Ochos Rio, Jamaica.
It was SO much fun!!!
{Ocho Rio, Jamaica}
{Grand Cayman Islands}
{Jake and our boat}
The pictures that I have are from my phone... Jake and I took our camera, but forgot the charging cord for it. Genius, I know. So there area  ton more pictures on SIL and Math's camera.

But anyway, that is how Jake and I (and SIL and Math) spent our anniversary.
It was awesome.

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Darby Hawley said...

Towel pets
Martini tasting
Time away with your honey

Sounds spectacular!
I've got to take a cruise sometime!