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December 17, 2012

A Tragic Event

Too often over the recent years, our nation has been faced with the deplorable actions of disturbed individuals.

My heart and prayers are going out to the families, friends, peers and first-responders of the Sandy Hoke Elementary School in Newton, CT.

I'd be lying if I told you that my Friday was productive. 
I spent much of the afternoon glued to various news websites and live feeds. I cried as traumatized children were interviewed. I came to respect my president more as he emotionally addressed the situation. 

There is nothing that can be said about the individual who brought destruction to the lives of so many... Shaking the foundation and faith of parents throughout the United States. 

My heart hurts for those sweet children.
My nephew is in that age group... And I my heart breaks.
The only thing that helps ease the pain for me is knowing that those dear, dear children are in Jesus' arms. Free of pain, fear and the evil in this world.

I know that, as a response, many will call for this political statement, or those amendment rights... I prefer to send my thoughts and prayers out to the parents who will be grieving for their children. The parents, teachers and loved ones who will have to explain this event, and try to help little ones grasp the situation. The ones who will have to warn innocent babes of the unknown, unthinkable and unpredictable evil of this world.

I'm praying for Newton... But I'm also praying for everyone who is going to have a harder time sleeping tonight... Everyone had a harder time sending their loved ones to school this morning.

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