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November 1, 2012

Invisalign: Trays 5 and 6

Tray 5:
I didn't notice any visible movement. It kinda sucked. The trays are starting to be the same experience.
Hard to get on the first day. Very mild throbbing headache... (Really it's more of a pressure headache than anything else.) So sorry that the reports are all the same.

Tray 6:
This was a little more interesting. It's week 12 of my treatment and I finally noticed a difference!
My 4 front teeth are positioned differently. Well, really the 2 outside are further away now and I have big gaps next to my front teeth. I almost freaked out because it 'looked so bad'. Praise the lord that my trays cover that up.
I also forgot my trays at home one day. Yeah, brillant. I had sanitized them in my ultrasonic, which runs for 15 minutes.


I rinsed out the trays so that the blue water wouldn't dye them. Then I rushed out the door. Jake was amazing and brought them to me when he came in for 2nd shift. After not wearing the trays for 8 hours, putting them back in hurt terribly.  I thought I was going to cry. The pain went away fast enough, but it was enough to scare me into never forgetting them at home again.

Anyway, today I have an appointment to get my next batch of trays. My Orthodontist gives them to me about 6 at a time.

 I also got sent my video!

That's my predicted movement!
I'm obsessed with watching it. I always try to guess where my teeth are for each tray. Then see where they will go, if anywhere.
Watch it a few times. It's completely fascinating.... Or maybe not.

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Mrs EyeCanSee said...

The tooth geek in me loves all these updates! So cool to see the changes!