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November 12, 2012

Asher's New Harness

Asher has had the same harness for the past... I don't know, forever.
We bought it at the pet accessory store that is at our local mall. He was still growing when we bought it and I didn't want to have to buy another once he was full grown, so I bought it up a size. The velcro closure wasn't the best idea, in hindsight. 

It was falling apart. The valcro had ripped up the netting on either side of the  Asher likes to scratch and had torn the netting on the sides.

Jake and I decided to buy a new harness. I took my time and asked some of the Iggy mom's on my Italian Greyhound forum about the harnesses they use. Thanks to some input from the lovely Iggy moms out there, I ordered the Ruffwear Web Master harness in twilight grey.

The harness had been on back order for quite some time, I just happened to snatch one up on a restocking day on Amazon. (It still took 3 weeks to get it)

Asher hates it.
And I mean hates it...All because there is an extra strap that secures him right below his ribs and he just isn't use to anything being in that area. 
He will have to deal.

Anyway, on day three of using it Jake got Asher ready for his walk and we took a nice walk. On the way back we started running (it's how we try to get all of Asher's zoomies out before we get back to the house) and I noticed Ash hobbling. When we got back inside I checked him to see what was wrong.
This is what I found.

Look closely.

Asher's leg was not in the right place in the harness.
Too funny.

A+ for Jake for the day.

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